Here is where you will download the documents such as Inspection Agreements prior to your inspection.

Step 1.

If you’re buying an existing home, please download this pre-Inspection checklist and make sure the Sellers, Sellers Agent and your Agent have a copy. It will ensure that the inspection is efficient and trouble free as possible. These documents are in PDF format.

1A Home Inspections Pre Inspection Checklist

Step 2.

Now download the Inspection Agreement that corresponds to the type of Inspection you’re purchasing.

  •  Use this Inspection Agreement if you’re purchasing a Phase Inspection, Final Newly Constructed Home or End of Builders Warranty Inspection. 1A Phase Inspection Agreement
  • Use this Inspection Agreement if you’re purchasing an Existing Home or Townhome. 1A Inspection Contract
  • If we will be Inspecting your Swimming Pool, please dowload this agreement IN ADDITION TO one of the agreements above. 1A Pool Inspection Agreement
  • If you’re having a RADON Test performed, download this agreement IN ADDITION TO either the Phase Inspection Agreement or the Existing Home Agreement above: 1A Radon Agreement

 Step 3.

Fill in all information on the Inspection Agreement. (except for the Inspectors signature of course) 🙂

Step 4.

If you have the capability of transforming this document into a digital file, you may email it to:

Otherwise, please bring the signed agreement to the Inspection. If you cannot attend, please send it with your agent or leave it at the home prior to the Inspection.

Due to our Insurance rules, we must have this/these agreement(s) signed before the Inspection starts.


If you cannot download the agreement(s), please inform us and we’ll bring one to the inspection. Just remember, we can not get started until we have a signed agreement. If you run late or can not attend due to an emergency at the last minute, this will delay the inspection and obtaining the report.  This is why we encourage you to send in the agreement ahead of time or bring a copy already signed.

If you have purchased an Ancillary Services such as Swimming Pool inspections, Radon, Water Wells, etc., please make sure you bring those agreements at well.

Thank you for your understanding.