end of builders warranty inspections tulsa, broken arrow, bixby, owassoChances are you may have never heard someone in the Tulsa area mention an End of Builders Warranty Inspection. There are several reasons for that, I’ll cover those lately. But rest assured, if you bought a newly constructed home within the last 12 months, you need to be seriously considering this investment, especially of you never had an independent inspector look at your home during construction.

What is an End of Builders Warranty Inspection?

It’s exactly what it says. New home builders in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Bixby, Jenks and surrounding areas generally put a one year warranty on their homes. Some components may have a longer (or shorter) warranty, but typically a Builders warranty covers the entire home.

The service we offer is one where we come in and inspect the home for you before this warranty expires. Generally in the 8 to 11 month time frame from when you closed on the home (do check this, some Builders actually “start” the warranty period when they start building the home, not when they close)

There are several benefits to having your home inspected by a knowledgeable inspector before your Builders Warranty expires.

  1. Our inspection could point out defects that were not caught during the construction phases. Once your warranty expires, many of these defects will become your responsibility to fix. Some of these can cost thousands of dollars to repair properly.
  2. This inspection also documents these problems for now and in the future. If push came to shove and you found yourself looking at legal recourse, the inspection could show that you gave your Builder every chance to repair or otherwise take care of these issues.
  3. Having any defects repaired prior to your Builders Warranty expiring can also save you money and headaches down the road when you go to sell your home. I can’t tell you how many homes I inspected that were only a few years old and had major defects that should have been caught during construction or before the warranty expired. But since they weren’t taken care of then, the Sellers were on the hook for these repairs and some of them ran into the thousands of dollars to fix properly.

But Didn’t the City or County Inspect My Home While It Was Being Built?

end of builders warranty inspectorI get this a lot. I also hear “The Builder said they had their own Quality Assurance inspection company to inspect their homes. They said there’s no need in me hiring my own independent inspector.” And I also hear this a lot as well. “My Agent said new homes don’t need inspections because the city (or county) inspected it during construction.

Check out this article about new homes and new home defects. “New Home Defects: Holding Your Builder Responsible

While it may be true that your Builder did have a company inspect their homes or that the City/County inspector did look it over, there’s a good chance that they missed issues while it was being built.

How do I know this?

I started inspecting homes in 2000 and I’ve seen thousands of these homes and out of all of them, every single one had some type of issue missed by other inspectors. A couple just had a few issues. On average, most of them had moderate issues that needed fixed before they could cause bigger issues. And there were others where I told my Clients “You need to call the Builder ASAP!”

You see, I’m a former Code Certified IRC Structural, Mechanical and Plumbing inspector. I have a strong code base as well as a construction base. Most of today’s home inspectors don’t. I know what to look for when I step onto your property.

City/County inspectors will not spend hours onsite inspecting your home. Generally they are there less than 30 minutes. Some may be there a little longer.

Same goes for the Builders inspector. He/she is not going to be there a huge amount of time. On the other hand, I’m at your home as long as the inspection takes. If that is 2 hours, I’m there 2 hours. If it’s 5 hours, then I’ll spend 5 hours there until I’m satisfied I’ve found what needs repaired.

The common denominator in all of this is you have no one who is there working for YOU! The Builders inspector (if they even hire one) and the City/County inspectors are not out there looking out for you.

That’s where I come in. This is what I do!

I’m YOUR advocate! I’ve had a lot of Builders and Real Estate Agents over the years say “You have to find something to justify your fees.” I just smile and tell them honestly that if there was nothing here to find, I’d still get paid! At the end of the day, at the least I sell peace of mind. But in reality, my inspections are worth much more than the fee my Clients pay!

new home warranty inspectionsI hate seeing good people get shafted. Especially in something so important as the home they live in. In a small way, I like to believe my end of builders warranty inspections help level the playing field and give the homeowner some assurance that there is at least one person looking out for them. And that is ME!

I don’t care if you live in a 900 square foot home or a 9000 square foot home in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Bixby, Jenks, Coweta, Muskogee, Okmulgee, Tahlequah, Claremore or someplace in between. If you think you may have issues missed during construction, give me a call, I’ll be happy to try and help you!

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