Home Energy Inspections

These days, everyone is having to watch every penny. The last thing you want when buying a home is to find out that it is an energy hog. If you live in a home with high energy costs, you know what I’m talking about. My Home Energy Inspection will help find areas where you’re energy dollars are being wasted. You can then form a plan to make your home more energy efficient.

I am a InterNACHI Certified Home Energy Inspector. I can help show you where your home is wasting your money.

Who Benefits From a Home Energy Inspection?

Both new home buyers as well as those buying older homes can benefit. New homes should already be energy efficient. If you’ve read any of my articles on new home construction or seen the pictures on this website, then you know new homes can come with a host of problems. I’ve found new homes with insulation levels below the minimum. In some cases, I’ve found entire attics with no insulation at all!

In older homes, the Home Energy Report will outlines areas where you can improve your energy efficiency. It helps you form a plan of attack and prioritize areas so you can start saving money.

How Much Does A Home Energy Inspection Costs?

For homes up to 2500 square feet, the cost is $125. For homes over 2500 square feet but below 5000 square feet, the cost is $150.

If you’re buying a home, I have good news!

THE HOME ENERGY INSPECTION & REPORT IS FREE FOR OUR HOME INSPECTION CLIENTS BUYING A NEW HOME! Additionally, to receive your free Home Energy Inspection & Report, the inspection must be performed at the same time as my Home Inspection is done. It only takes a few minutes later and will be emailed along with your home inspection report.

That’s a heckuva deal!

So whether you’re buying a new home, or an older one, call me to come and inspect it for you and while I’m there, I’ll do the Home Energy Inspection to see if there are areas where you homes efficiency can be improved!