mold inspections tulsa okMold Inspections in Tulsa and Surrounding Areas

I offer my Clients mold inspection services. If you live in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, Coweta, Owasso or just about anywhere in Northeast Oklahoma, I can provide thorough and quick Mold inspections.

I am an International Association of Indoor Air Consultants (IAC2) Mold & Radon Certified Inspector (Cert. # IAC2-03-9755). Turnaround time on samples of mold taken are generally under 72 hours, and typically 24 hours.

Is Mold in the Tulsa Area a Real Concern?

First, visit Wikipedia for a definition of what mold is by clicking here. Many people believe that anything black is mold and that black mold is the only dangerous kind. That isn’t true.

While I’m not a “mold alarmist”, I do believe my Clients need to be educated about mold. Mold is everywhere. We encounter it every day. It’s in our homes, cars, offices, stores and every where else we go.

But sometimes when the levels of mold get too high, or a particular type of mold exists, it can cause some people to become sick. For some people, they’ll have a reaction to a certain type of mold. While one person may experience symptoms, the person next to them may feel fine. In others, symptoms may not show up for days or weeks! Mold and mold levels affect everyone differently!

toxic mold tulsa

All mold is not black! Here is an example of a white type of mold growing in a crawlspace of a home

It’s hard to fix a problem if you don’t know where to start. This is why mold testing can be invaluable. Is your sniffling and sneezing caused by an unseen mold issue? Or is it just an allergy?

What Should I Do if I Suspect I have Mold in My Home?

If you see some type of discoloration that you think may be mold, the EPA suggest cleaning and/or replacing the affected material if it’s less than 10 square feet. You could probably do this yourself. Here’s some helpful cleaning tips from the EPA. EPA Mold Cleaning Tips

The problem we often find is that many times, people do not know they have hidden mold or an issue that is causing it! Many times a mold inspection and testing can help determine if there is a problem and may help locate problematic areas where mold can be hiding.

If the affected area of Mold is over 10 square feet, you may need a remediation company to clean and restore the area.

What Does Your Mold Inspection Include?

When you hire me to perform a mold inspection, the inspection will start with some easy questions about your home. Once I have those answers, I begin a very thorough visual inspection of your home in an attempt to find areas that may be harboring dangerous mold.

During this inspection, I will also be taking air samples to send off to the lab for analysis. The basic mold inspection consist of a minimum of 3 samples. Additional sampling may be needed depending on what my visual inspection found. In some instances, I will take surface samples to be sent to the lab for analysis. Before I leave, I’ll go over my visual findings with you.

tulsa mold inspector

Mold is not always visible! This mold is in an evaporator coil of a HVAC system in a Tulsa home. They couldn’t figure out why they had severe reactions every Summer!

Once I’m done with the mold inspection and sampling, I then send these samples off to the lab. In 24 to 72 hours I will generally receive the results and I’ll pass those along to you along with a written inspection report of my findings when I did the visual inspection of your home.

So if you suspect you may have a mold problem with your home, give me a call. I’ll be happy to discuss the problems you are having and if need be, schedule your mold inspection in Tulsa and the surrounding area.


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