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commercial property inspections


When it comes to choosing an inspector to look over your commercial property, it pays to do your research. Unfortunately many inspectors treat Commercial property the same way they inspect residential homes. And that is a huge mistake! Commercial real estate inspections include inspections of systems and components that a residential property never has! You need an inspector who has the experience evaluating these unique properties.

I have inspected thousands of Commercial properties in my 18 years in this business. Everything from strip malls to doctor offices as well as single and multi unit commercial properties. I was even contacted once to inspect a Funeral home with a Crematory attached. I graciously declined that one! 🙂


In 18 years performing thousands of inspections, many of these were Commercial properties. I know what to look for and how to communicate my findings to my Clients in a way that they will understand.

  • Experienced in Commercial Inspections
  • ADA Compliant Inspections Available
  • Detailed and Thorough Inspection Reports with High Definition Photos
  • Customer Service Second to None!
  • On Time and on Budget
  • Providing My Clients with Information to Make an Informed Buying Decision


  • Are Commercial Inspections Really That Different From Home Inspections?

    Yes they are. For one thing, many commercial properties will have more complex electrical and structural systems. In older buildings, asbestos and mold can be a real problem, but you’re going to have to have an inspector who knows what he is looking for in order to find them! Other systems like Plumbing and HVAC can be totally different as well (ever see a home with chillers?)

  • Do You Inspect Investor Properties Like Duplexes and Apartments?

    Yes I do. I have inspected everything from a single rental home to duplexes, fourplexes up to apartment buildings for my Investor Clients.

  • How Much Do Commercial Inspections Cost?

    Just like residential homes, the cost of commercial inspections is dependent on what all systems the building has, how many buildings, type of HVAC, age, etc, etc. If you need an accurate estimate on the cost of a commercial inspection, please drop me a line or call 918-927-0258.

  • How Long Do Commercial Inspections Take?

    As stated above, just like residential homes, it depends! Obviously a 4plex may be inspected in a day. But a strip mall or office buildings, warehouses, etc. may take up to a week or more depending on what needs to be evaluated.