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Sadly, there are a lot of inspectors running around stating they do new construction phase inspections. The problem is that they have little to no actual construction experience. The other problem is they claim to inspect to the state’s SOP for home Inspectors. So what’s the problem with that? The States SOP was written for pre-existing homes, not new construction!

I’ve worked in the construction trades. Still do some on the side when I have time. I was also a IRC Code Certified Inspector for 8 years. I know new construction and how your home should be built. I’ve performed thousands of new construction phase inspections. This includes inspections on the slab before it’s poured, on the framing and pre-drywall inspections. I also can help you on your Final Walkthrough by inspecting the home prior to your walkthrough. I’ll have a report ready for you at walkthrough so you and your builder can walk through and note issues that need to be corrected.



You have several local home inspectors to choose from when performing a New Home Construction Phase Inspections. I bring you 18 years experience inspecting all phases of home construction along with real life experience building and repairing homes. I also bring you 8 years experience as an IRC Code Certified Inspector.

  • Thorough & detailed reports with photos and codes where needed
  • Former IRC Code Certified Inspector in Mechanical, Structural and Plumbing
  • I include building code violations in the reports when applicable…most inspectors won’t!
  • Actuall experience repairing and building homes
  • Service After the Inspection! I’m Available to Talk to Your Builder or City Inspector if Needed!


  • Doesn't the City or County inspect new homes under construction?

    Yes, most cities in the Tulsa and Northeast Oklahoma areas inspect homes under construction. But if you take a look at our Hall of Shame, you’ll see many fine examples where municipal inspectors missed glaring code violations that could pose huge problems down the road. Most municipal inspectors don’t have the tie to spend an hour or two (sometimes three or four!) at your home. They are typically there less than 30 minutes!

  • Why Should I Get A New Construction Home Inspected?

    As stated above, if you’re relying on the City or County inspector to find most o the problems with a newly built home, you may be in for a rude awakening! Not only do they not spend the time at the home they should be, they are also not responsible if they do miss something! Imagine if you could sue the city every time a municipal inspector missed something? Cities would be out of business! I’ve seen inspectors slap a Green Sticker on a home and walk off. Then as I’m standing there looking at the sticker, look around and see major code violations they missed. At the end of the day, it’s your responsibility to insure your home is built properly.

    Another good reason to have your home inspected during the different phases of construction is that you will be documenting all stages of construction. This way, if an issue arises between you and the Builder down the road, you have documented proof! This is HUGE if you wind up in court one day!

  • How Many Phases On New Construction Do You Inspect?

    I can inspect as many or as few phases of construction as you would like. Typically I would inspect the foundation before it was poured (Pre Pour Inspection), an inspection of the rough framing, plumbing and electrical before drywall was put up (Pre-Drywall Inspection), another inspection just prior to your final walkthrough with the Builder (Final Walkthrough Inspection).