Tulsa Home Inspectors & Inspection Services

new home phase inspections in tulsaIf you need a residential home inspection inTulsa or the surrounding communities, give us a call today! We offer commercial inspections, mold inspections, new home inspection, Phase Inspections on new construction homes and 1 year Builders Warranty Inspections.

Our home inspections in Tulsa are the most thorough in the business! They are very detailed and every report includes high resolution photos of the problems found during a home inspection.

Mold Inspections

We can provide your home or business with certified mold inspections and lab results. 72 hour or less turnaround for lab results in most cases.

Home Inspections

We take our time and go through the home you're thinking about buying very carefully. Our reports will be easy to read and very detailed!

New Home Inspections

Whether you're buying a new home from a Builder or you'll be building it from the ground up, we can provide you the inspection services for a quality home.

Commercial Inspections

Buying commercial property? A commercial inspection in Tulsa is just as important as a home inspection. We'll give your commercial property the same care as if it were our home!

Radon Inspections

We understand that not many people request Radon inspections around Tulsa, but they should. We have two Eastern counties with Level 2 radon levels. But even though we're Level 1 in Tulsa County, there's still a risk of it being present.

End of Builders Warranty Inspections

When your new home is nearing its 1 year anniversary, that means your Builders 1 year warranty is about to expire. Get us out there to look it over thoroughly so that you can get the Builder to correct them while it's still their responsibilty

Why Choose Us?

We’ve been in construction and performing home inspections a long, long time. We take the time to do the very best home inspection we can. We’re constantly learning about new techniques and building standards so that we can offer our Clients the very best home inspection in Tulsa and the surrounding areas.


We have been inspecting homes for a long time. We know what to look for!

We’re Thorough

We inspect every home as if we were going to live in it ourselves!

We’re Ontime

Yeah, we've all heard the stories of inspectors cancelling or not even bothering to show up. NOT US! If we're running late, we call ahead and let you know!

2nd To None Customer Service

We answer our phones when you call! We'll do our very best to insure you're happy with every single aspect of your time with us!

What Our Customers Say About Us!

Don’t take our word about our home inspection services in Tulsa, see what our happy home inspection Clients have said about us! When we say we’re here to help you, we mean it! It doesn’t matter if we are inspecting a 900 square foot home in Bartlesville or a 8,000 square foot home in South Tulsa. We value our Clients and go all out for them!

Andrew Boen

Awesome guy! Easy to work with and explains things clearly. Highly recommend!

Jared Auld

He was punctual and very thorough with his inspection. Really like the report he provided as well. Super easy to follow and detailed.

Trevor Owen

He notices the smallest of details and explains everything in a clear way. I highly recommend!

Kassi Canon

He was very patient, professional and thorough! Very knowledgeable and noticed very minute things. I recommend!

Call Us Today To Schedule Your Home Inspection!

Please don't wait to call us! Too many times home buyers wait until the last few days of their option period to give us a call! This causes many to miss being able to schedule us because we stay booked up. Please give us a call once you've decided on a home!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Home Inspection Services

  • How Much Does A Home Inspection in Tulsa Cost?

    The cost of a home inspection in Tulsa and surrounding areas varies. Several factors that go into the price of an inspection are the square footage of the home, age of the home, type of foundation, type of roof and location of the home. But the average inspection fee for homes in Tulsa start around $325.

  • How Long Does An Inspection Take?

    Again, it varies. But on average, your typical 2000sf home will take 2 to 3 hours to inspect if everything goes well.

  • When Will I Get My Inspection Report?

    In most cases, you'll have your home inspection report emailed to you in a PDF document within 24 hours.

  • Why Don't You Offer Onsite Inspection Reports?

    We take great pride in our inspection report. We take meticulous notes while at the home and detailed photos. We don't strive to do the quickest home inspection reports, we provide the most thorough and detailed home inspection reports. Some things just shouldn't be rushed, a home inspection report is one of those!

  • Can I Come Into the Attic With You? Or Roof?

    Attics and roofs are very dangerous places. Our Insurance company prevents us from allowing anyone other than ourselves on our ladders and other equipment.

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