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Claremore Home Inspections

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If you’re in the process of buying, or just looking, for homes in Claremore or the surrounding area such as Verdigris or Oologah Lake, consider having your home inspector lined up and ready to go when you find the right piece of Claremore real estate. And when you do decide to start looking for a home inspector, contact us!

We started inspecting homes and commercial properties a long time ago. Over the years we’ve learned a few things about homes and property. Our inspection reports are very thorough and comprehensive. We write them so anyone can read them. We use plain English and do not try and dazzle you with ten dollar words or construction jargon!

Here are just some of the things you can expect from a Claremore home inspection.

  • Foundation
  • Roof Structure & Roof Covering
  • Attic Structure & Insulation
  • Interior Structure
  • Exterior Walls
  • Exterior & Interior Doors
  • Windows
  • Ventilation
  • Fireplace
  • A/C & Heating Systems
  • Ducts
  • Appliances
  • Plumbing & Plumbing Fixtures
  • Electrical Service Panel & Receptacles
  • Draining & Grade around perimeter
  • and much, much more!

Do You Inspect New Homes in Claremore?


If you’re building a new home in Claremore, one of the most important things you can do is to have it inspected in stages. These are called Phase inspections. Don’t rely on a City Inspector! We have literally thousands of pictures of code defects that city and county inspectors have missed!

Typical Phase inspections include; Pre-Pour Foundation inspection, Framing Inspection and the Final Inspection.

And don’t forget, if you’ve been in your newly constructed home less than 1 year, many builders warranties are about to expire. Some Builders will put a 2 year mechanical and a 10 year structural warranty on their homes as well. But after the first year, you lose your ability to have a lot of defects repaired or replaced! Call us for your End of Builders Warranty Inspection!

We provide several ancillary services as well. These include Swimming Pool inspections, Radon Testing and Water Well testing with Water sampling.

No matter what kind of home inspection you need in Claremore, Verdigris or Lake Oologah, give us a call and let’s talk over your options!

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Inspections In Claremore

What Do You Charge For A Home Inspection?

Our prices are based on the square footage of the home, age and any ancillary inspections you may be needing. Give our Office a call and we’ll be happy to give you a quote.

Do you come out as far as Chelsea?

Yes, when you call the Office to get a home inspection quote, just give us your address and zip code, along with the information above so they can give you an accurate estimate on the cost of a home inspection.

How long will the home inspection take?

While each home is different, a typical home inspection may take 2 to 3 hours. It really depends on the condition of the home, whether it is occupied or not and how old the home is.

I work in Tulsa, but the home I’m buying in in Claremore. Do I need to be at the Inspection?

No, but we do encourage it if there is any way possible. When you’re at the home inspection, we’re able to show you so many more things and answer any questions you might have. But we also understand some people just can’t make it.

Does my Real Estate Agent have to be there?

No, but someone needs to be there to let us in. Typically this is the Buyers real estate agent. Make sure that either your real estate agent or the Seller’s real estate agent knows we’re coming so someone can let us in. You’d be surprised at the times we have shown up for a home inspection but no one was there to let us in because everyone thought someone esle was going to do it!


I'm a professional home inspector who serves Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Coweta and all of Green Country in Oklahoma.

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