Collinsville Home Inspections & Mold Testing

collinsville home inspectorWhether you’re buying a new home in Collinsville or one of the pre-existing homes that are on the real estate market, our home inspection services can help ensure that the buying process is as smooth and stress free as possible!

Being that Collinsville is only a short drive from either Tulsa or Bartlesville, it’s easy to see why this is a popular place to buy a home.

I have been inspecting homes since 2000. I have inspected all types of properties, from 125 year old Historic homes all the way up to modern mini mansions! Since we started, we’ve performed over 5000 inspections. So whether you need a new home inspection, phase inspections during home construction, commercial inspections, swimming pool or water wells inspected, give me a call!

I not only serve the Collinsville area, but we do inspections all over Green Country including nearby towns like Skiatook, Oolagah, Tulsa, Owasso

Do New Homes in Collinsville Need Inspected?

Yes! Yes! Yes! I know lots of agents and especially Builders will tell you that you don’t need new homes inspected, but that’s just not true.

What those people do not tell you is that the City inspector or the County inspector is not there for your best interest. They’re there to protect the City and/or County. Besides that, they are rarely onsite for very long. Their work load doesn’t allow them to spend hours onsite thoroughly going over your home. That’s why we’re here!

I take as long as needed. I am a former IRC Building Code Certified Inspector, so I know what to look for when inspecting your new home!

Not only that, but my inspection reports are second to none. They’re easy to read and understand. A report does you no good if you can’t understand what it’s saying!

If you’ve been in your Collinsville new home less than a year, then chances are good that your Builders warranty is about to expire. While some Builders will also issue a 2 year mechanical and a 10 year structural warranty, it’s that 1 year warranty that is important! After it expires, you’ll lose your chance to get a lot of issues fixed! I can help. My inspections will point out areas that most people will never see (like issues in the attic) or things they’d never think to look about.

Sadly, most homeowners do not realize until it’s too late they should have had an inspection before this one year warranty expired. They usually find out when they go to sell their home. This means delayed closings and added expenses! Be proactive and get that End of Builders Warranty Inspection and put all needed repairs back on your Builder!

Do You Offer Mold Inspections & Testing in Collinsville?

Yes I do. I am an IAC2 Certified Inspector for Radon and Mold. If you see what you believe is mold, I can confirm it by taking samples and sending them off to a lab for analysis. If you’re having unexplained headaches, allergy issues, trouble breathing or symptoms like a scratchy throat or itchy eyes, the culprit could be hidden mold.

Unlike other so called “mold inspection” companies, when you hire me to perform a mold testing, it involves a whole home inspection for possible sources of water intrusion followed up with taking samples to send off to the lab. I don’t just run in, take a few samples and leave. If there is a problem, I try and identify the source and give you options as to how to go about correcting the situation!


I'm a professional home inspector who serves Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Coweta and all of Green Country in Oklahoma.

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