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new homes in glenpoolLooking at Glenpool homes for sale? I know it’s easy to focus only on finding the right house for your family. But have you thought about which home inspector in Glenpool to choose? The wrong home inspection can be the most expensive thing you buy, while the right home inspector can actually make you money!

No matter the type of Glenpool real estate your looking at buying, whether commercial or residential homes, we can help you through the process with thorough and in-depth home inspections. We also inspect homes in the surrounding areas such as Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks, Sapulpa just to name a few.

We started doing home inspections in 2000 and since then have inspected thousands of homes and businesses. Below are the benefits of letting us provide your Glenpool home inspections!

Why Choose Us to do Your Glenpool Home Inspection?

Experience: As I said earlier, we started the inspection business back in 2000. We have thousands of home inspections under our belts. All types of inspections, from pre-pour foundation inspections all the way up to specialty inspections for major manufacturers to ensure their product was being installed per their instructions!

Trusted Credentials: For one thing, you don’t stay in business as long as we have been by doing sub par work!

  • Licensed by the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board #70001474
  • Certified Professional Inspector with the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors #15012210
  • Certified Radon Tester with the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Customer Service: Our reports are detailed but easy to read and understand. They are computer generated with photos. We write them in Plain English, so there is no mistaken what they say. We do not use big words to try and impress you or construction jargon to confuse you! If you’ve ever received a report like this, you know how useless and frustrating it can be!

Our inspection report can save you many times the cost that you paid. It gives you the confidence to make wise, non-pressured buying decisions!

New Homes in Glenpool – Should I Get Mine Inspected?

The short answer is YES! The city inspector is only there a few minutes looking for a few major items. Glenpool inspectors are working for the City and have the Cities best interests at stake. The Builders Inspector (if they even have one!) is looking out for the Builders best interests!

Fact is, no one is looking out for your interests!

Now is the time to be proactive about what may be the largest investment of your life. Hire an Independent Inspection Company like 1A Home Inspections. We work for you and only have your interests at stake!

The other fact is, is that these City inspectors miss a lot of stuff. I have thousands of pictures to prove it!

When you hire us, we’re on your side. Plain and simple!

But if you’ve already moved into a new home in Glenpool and that time is less than a year ago, you still may have a chance to get most things corrected.

Most Glenpool Builders offer a 1 year warranty. It’s important you write out a list of items that need repaired or replaced before you’ve lived in your house a year. If you don’t, you may never be able to go back to the Builder with them!

Whether buying a new home in Glenpool or buying an existing home, call us, we can help!


I'm a professional home inspector who serves Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Coweta and all of Green Country in Oklahoma.

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