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Home Inspections in Tahlequah OK

home inspections in tahlequah

Tahlequah is rich in history. Not only is it the county seat for Cherokee County, it’s home to Northeastern State University and the capital of two Indian tribes. The Cherokee Nation and the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians.

Tahlequah has some of the oldest homes in the area. Many date back to the 1800’s. These homes contain some of the richest history in our State. They can also pose a challenge for the home inspectors who haven’t had much experience inspecting these older homes.

Many of these homes have been added on-to over the years. Walls removed, walls erected (not always where and how they were suppose to!), and pier & beam foundations that have worked for a century or more holding a home up. The simple fact that a lot of these homes in Tahlequah are still standing speaks to the quality of workmanship in those days!

But Tahlequah also boast some large Estate type homes as well. Although newer, these can pose just as challenging a task for home inspectors as a 100 year old historic home.

With Tenkiller Lake and Fort Gibson Lake just minutes away, you’ll find many of these resort type properties nestled on nice hills over looking these beautiful lakes. I’ve inspected many lake properties in my years of performing home inspections. While many inspectors may approach the home inspection of a lake home as any other home, I can tell you there are more than a few things that you’re going to want to know. This is where experience comes into play!

Ancillary systems and components such as Swimming Pools, Water Wells, Radon, Termites, etc. can easily overwhelm a home inspector who does not routinely inspect such systems. I can provide  you thorough, in-depth inspection services for any of these systems and more. Just give me a call when you find that perfect home in or around Tahlequah, or any place in Green Country!

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Frequently Asked Question About Home Inspections In Tahlequah

I live in Stillwell, do you inspect homes here?

Yes we do. Call our office with the address of the home you want to be inspected and the zip code and we can double check to make sure you are in our service area.

I have a log home that I’m looking to buy, do you inspect log homes?

Yes we do. Log homes present a special challenge for most inspectors because they have not inspected any, or at best, only inspected a few. A log home inspector needs to have a good understanding of log homes because they are so different that traditional built homes.

Are you licensed?

Yes, all home inspectors in Oklahoma are required to be licensed by the State. Feel free to ask for the license number of the inspector when you call and schedule your home inspection.

Who needs to be at the Inspection?

At the minimum, at least one person needs to be at the home to let us in. It’s nice when all parties can be at the home inspection, but we understand if they can’t be.

How will I get my Inspection Report?

We typically email the reports out within 24 hours. Sometimes however, we can actually have them ready at the end of the inspection. It all depends of the Inspector and how many things need reported on.

How is the quality of homes in Tahlequah compared to other homes you’ve inspected in nearby cities?

Home that we have inspected in Tahlequah are as good as any other homes in the area including Tulsa and Muskogee. In many cases, the older homes were built by craftsmen with an attention to detail. Even the new homes in Tahleqah are quality built homes.


I'm a professional home inspector who serves Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Coweta and all of Green Country in Oklahoma.

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