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Jenks is a popular place for people to buy a home. And it’s no wonder. It has great schools, great entertainment, awesome shopping opportunities, low cost of living and is right at Tulsa’s doorstep! When you look closer, you can understand why more and more people are looking for homes in Jenks. Jenks real estate is some of the hottest around. Whether it’s an existing home or new homes in Jenks, if you can dream it up, chances are it’s in Jenks!

But before you start looking for your dream home, consider looking over our home inspection services. I know, I know, no one thinks about their inspector until they’ve signed for a house! But you can save yourself a lot of time and a little trouble by choosing a Jenks home inspector now instead of waiting.

Not only do we bring 15 years of home inspection experience to the table, but we also offer much more than just basic services! Swimming Pool inspections, Water Wells & Water Sampling along with Radon are just some of the ancillary services we offer our clients who are buying homes in Jenks and surrounding areas like Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Glenpool and Bixby.

Do New Homes In Jenks Need Inspections?

Yes they do. And we’re not only telling you this because we’re an inspection company. We tell you that because nearly every Builder we’ve met tells their customers that they do not need independent inspections because the “City” or “County” has already inspected it.

And while that is certainly true for homes in Jenks, it doesn’t mean that it was a QUALITY inspection! You see, City inspectors are there to protect the interest of the City, not you. The building codes are in place as a MINIMUM set of standards to which the home should be built!

We’re former International Residential Code Certified Structural, Mechanical and Plumbing inspectors. (the organization that creates building codes). We also have real world construction experience!

We offer our Clients who are buying new homes in Jenks routine Phase Inspections. This includes an inspection before the slab is poured, once after the roof is on and in the dry (but before sheetrock is installed) and a Final Inspection (takes place before closing). These help ensure peace of mind with your new home purchase.

We also offer an End of Builders Warranty Inspection. This takes place about the tenth or 11th month after you close on your new home. This not only lets us see how the home is performing, but it also gives you one last chance to get items that the Builder overlooked repaired while it is till their responsibility. After your warranty expires, you’ll be on the hook for repairs!

So no matter what type of Jenks home you’re buying, we have your back! Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your home inspection needs!


I'm a professional home inspector who serves Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Coweta and all of Green Country in Oklahoma.

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