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Locust Grove OK and the surrounding area is a beautiful place to buy a home. The homes vary from 100+ year old Historic homes to modern homes with all the amenities. If you’re looking at homes in Locust Grove or the surrounding areas like Lake Hudson, Pump Back, Salina, Murphy or Sportsmen Acres, give us a call when you’ve found the home that is right for your family. We’d be honored to perform your home inspection.

We also inspect homes and businesses in other towns and cities in the vicinity such as Tahlequah, Choutea and Pryor.

Home Inspectors in Locust Grove OK – Why Choose 1A Home Inspections?

Reason #1 is because we’re the areas trusted inspection company! We have been inspecting homes for many years. Since the time we started, we’ve inspected homes from 400 square feet up to homes over 15,000 square feet. This doesn’t include all types of commercial property we’ve inspected as well. Some of the largest building suppliers in the U.S. have hired us to inspect their products to make sure they were installed and being used as they were intended. We’ve performed draw inspections for some of the largest U.S. lenders as well. They trust us to do the job right because we have a solid track record of doing it right the first time!

Reason #2 is because our Inspectors are licensed and insured. We’re also Certified Professional Inspectors through InterNACHI. The leading home inspector organization in the U.S.

Reason #3 is because our inspections are thorough and we write the best reports! Let’s face it. If you had a great inspection but couldn’t make heads or tails of the inspection report, it would have very little value to you. Our reports are computer generated and written in PLAIN ENGLISH so you can understand them! We don’t try and dazzle you with $10 words or construction jargon. We want you to understand exactly what we found and what actions need to be taken!

Should I have my new home in Locust Grove or on Lake Hudson Inspected?

We get this a lot. My answer is always YES! It doesn’t really matter whether the City Inspector looked your home over or if a County inspector did, we are always going behind these people and finding major defects that they’ve overlooked. From what I’ve been seeing, most do not even have a solid construction background!

We generally do 3 Phase inspections during construction. The first is before the slab is poured (or after the piers & beams are in place for a home with a crawlspace), the next is before sheetrock is installed and the third is the Final Inspection. This is right before you’re ready to move in but haven’t signed off on the final draw.

We’re former IRC Building Code inspectors, so we know what to look for when performing a Phase inspection. We work only for you!

We also perform Radon Testing and Water Well Inspections in this area. I highly recommend Radon Testing in this area since is a Level II area!

So whether you’re looking for an existing homes in Locust Grove or one of the new homes being built in the area, give us a call for all your home inspection needs for any type of Locust Grove real estate. We can make a stressful time in your life a little easier!


I'm a professional home inspector who serves Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Coweta and all of Green Country in Oklahoma.

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