new home inspections in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso Most people believe that there is no need to have new homes in Tulsa and the surrounding cities inspected by their own independent inspector during construction. I mean after all, the Builder tells you that you don’t need it because the County or the City has already inspected it right? To most people, that sounds logical.

Does My New Home in Tulsa Really Need An Inspection by an Independent Inspector?

But the reality is that new homes in Tulsa and elsewhere do need inspected. These are called Phase Inspections. This means they are inspected in phases as they are built. They need inspected by a independent inspector with real world construction knowledge along with a strong building code background. New homes in the Tulsa real estate market are varied as the Builders who construct them. Make sure your inspector has the experience needed to provide a thorough inspection!

I was recently at a new home in Wagoner County. Standing in the Garage, I could see at least 6 major code violations. The kicker? The County Inspector had green tagged (meaning gave the ‘all ok’) the home!

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I haven’t seen a Builder yet that didn’t tell their Clients how “tough” city inspectors were. The truth is, they are only there for a short period of time before hurrying off to another home inspection before quitting time. I haven’t seen a home that has been inspected by City or County inspectors yet where I didn’t find multiple issues with a home they had “green tagged (passed)”.

Problems Found In New Home Construction Homes in the Tulsa Area

As a former Code Certified Structural, Mechanical and Plumbing Inspector, I have plenty of horror stories I could tell, and show, you about problems I’ve found with New Homes.

Nearly all pictures in our Hall of Shame are from New homes or homes less than 1 year old.

Some of these are made by accident, some are done intentionally but most are just made by either careless contractors or contractors who simply don’t know what they’re doing. Here’s a few examples.

new home defects tulsa

Here a Builder allowed a Chimney to be constructed right in the middle of a roof valley. So now whenever it rains or snows, there will be an accumulation of water, snow and debris behind this Chimney. It will act like a dam and eventually (probably sooner rather than later) start leaking.

Also, the attic structure off this home did not meet minimum requirements for ventilation. Improper ventilation can cause mold growth as well as extremely high temps in the Summer. This will also lead to premature shingle deterioration, although that will probably not happen till after your Builders warranty expires.

Both the City Inspector and Builders “Quality Assurance” inspector failed to note this.

tulsa new home phase inspectionsAnother “FAIL” on behalf of City Inspectors. I’m not sure they even looked at the rafters at all during any of their inspections. These are what are called “Birdmouth Splices” in the rafters. Perfectly okay as long as they’re done properly. These are not. These needed a brace directly below them to support the splice.

broken arrow new home inspectionsHere’s one that can have fatal consequences. Either the installers never made sure the flue was completely on the fireplace or another trades person knocked it off. Regardless, it should have been caught by one of the Municipal inspectors or the Builders quality insurance inspector. But none did. This was in a 10 month old home that I was performing the End of Builders Warranty inspection on. If they had used this fireplace, I doubt the home would be standing today. Unfortunately, I see this all to often these days!

I could go on and on. I literally have over 20,000 pictures on file of New home construction flaws and defects. I’ve been doing this long enough to know what to look for and all the excuses that the City, County, Builder and/or Agent will come up with. But at the end of the day, it’s all about you and your new home being a safe place to live and not being surprised by these same types of defects should you ever go to sell it down the road.

New Home Builder Defect Articles

And if you need more proof, here are some articles from major sources. I especially found this one quote from the first article, very interesting.

Yet, even builders concede today’s new homes are built with assembly line speed, without the quality control found in, say, new car production. And most buyers don’t take the time to give them a professional once-over while they are built.

From Absolute Remodeling: “New Homes Often Need As Many Fixes as Older Homes

From the Toronto Star: “Legal Battle Pushing Vaughan Homeowner Into Poverty

Then there’s this from ABC’s Good Morning America: “New Homes, Big Problems

From First Coast News brings us this Special Investigation: “New Home Nightmares

The Guardian had this article: “New House, Same Old Problems

Here’s a story from NBC 5 in Dallas/Fort Worth about a foundation problem the Builder said was only “cosmetic”. (Builders use this excuse a lot!): “Homeowners Fight Major Home Builder Over Foundation Issue

Don’t think these problems just happen to other people in other cities. People are having problems with their new homes in Tulsa and new home construction in the surrounding areas. Being proactive and having an independent inspection is the first step in protecting your investment!