Owasso New Home Builder Refuses To Honor Home Warranty

owasso new home buildersSome of you may have already read about this new home builder in Owasso on my Facebook page. If not, then read on. I’m sure you’ll find this as intriguing as I did.

A few weeks ago I did an End of Builders Warranty Inspection on a high end home just outside of Owasso. This was a nice looking home in Stone Canyon. The Client was very nice and very educated about his home.

End of Builders Warranty Inspection in Owasso

This Owasso home inspection went pretty well. But there were some major code issues in the attic. In fact, they were so severe I wondered why the Rogers County code inspector didn’t catch them! But never the less, I did catch them well before my Clients one year Builders warranty ran out, lucky for him! Or so we thought.

Typically once you have one of these warranty inspections, you turn the report into the builder so they can start sending people out to repair these issues. But not this Builder!

No, he told my Client that these issues should have been added to the punch list at the time of the walkthrough! He also told him not to submit the report to the warranty department! My Client had more email communications with this new home Builder in Owasso and even a few phone calls. They emphatically stated they would fix nothing on the report!

New Home Problems in Owasso

We’re not talking about some chipped paint or a scuff on the trim, we’re talking major repairs that will probably run into the 10 to 20k range to fix if my Client has to pay for them to be repaired!

We’re talking structural members in the attic that are not bearing on anything! Here’s just one example. There’s no support below this valley rafter. It was cut short and is just hanging in open space. There’s a good amount of weight on this rafter!

new home builders in owasso

You would think that if you spent nearly $400,000 on a new home in Owasso (or any other place for that matter) that the Builder would stand behind their home.

I think the message that this builder in Owasso is sending is clear. Honestly, it’s a message I’ve stated for many years.

If you’re buying a newly built home in Owasso or any other place, get it inspected by an independent inspector!

If I know my Client, I know the Builder has not heard the end of this. But still…should you have to jump through hoops to get repairs done by your Builder? Repairs on items that are no fault of you, the homeowner? Repairs that the Builder’s sub-contractors should have built correctly in the first place? Issues the county inspector should have caught?

Why Is This a Problem with New Homes?

If my Client goes to sell his home, these are all issues that will come upon the next inspection report (well, they will if the inspector is doing his/her job!) Then he’ll either have to pony up his own money to fix these issues or more than likely take a lot less money for his home. All because a home builder doesn’t want to stand behind his home.

Stay tuned. If there are any more updates, I’ll post them here and to my Facebook page.

All the more reason to hire the best Inspector you can. You don’t know what the home builder tried to cover up or just refused to fix. I’ve seen this many times on Tulsa home inspections. Most of the time, the Sellers have no clue as to the extent of the damage!


I'm a professional home inspector who serves Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Coweta and all of Green Country in Oklahoma.

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