You can find a wide range of services to best serve you.

Mold Inspections – Click here to find out information regarding mold inspections for your area.

New Construction Phase Inspections – The smartest thing you can do when decided to buy a new home or have one built, is to hire an independent inspector.

Condo Inspections: This inspection consist of inspecting only the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems (commonly called a MEP inspection in the Tulsa area) inside a Condo unit. I do not inspect common areas of a Condo such as the roof, exterior walls or other areas that are under the control of the Condo Association.

Home Energy Inspections – Does your energy bills seem to be much higher than you think they should be? We can help. Our Energy Audit will show you where you’re losing money on wasted energy!

End of Builders Warranty Inspection – If you bought a newly constructed home, you should have received a 1 year all inclusive warranty. If you’re one year is about up, then you have limited time to get all the things fixed. Our 1 year warranty inspections find thngs the Builder needs to fix before your warranty runs out. Pre Purchase home inspections: This is your typical home inspection if you are buying an existing home in Tulsa or one of the outlying areas such as Jenks, Owasso, Broken Arrow, Claremore, Muskogee, Sapulpa, etc.

New Home (Phase) Inspections: This inspection is for people having a home built (typically there are 3 to 4 inspections performed while the home is being built). One takes places before the slab is poured (assuming your home has a slab foundation), the 2nd one is an inspection of the framing and rough plumbing/electrical before the sheetrock is installed and the final one is just prior to closing once the home has been finished. Some home owners/builders want an inspection after the roof is put on but before rough services are done.

Water Well Inspections: This is a visual inspection only and involves operating the well equipment that is above ground. I do not test for water flow (gpm) or quality of the well water or the capacity of the well. Water quality testing is covered by another service.

Water Quality Testing: This is a service I provide for my Clients buying a home with a water well. This includes using my containers and taking a water sample PROPERLY and then taking it to the Lab for analysis. Price is based on how many items you want the water tested for. When the results come in, they’re emailed to you.

Swimming Pool Inspections: This inspection consist of a visual inspection of the visible pool equipment, pool deck/coping, fences (if any), safety issues and overall condition of the pool at the time of inspection.

Deck Inspections: If the deck is attached to the home I’m inspecting, it’s included in the base rate. If you’re wanting a deck inspected just by itself, then this is the inspection you want! I look at the framing and general condition of the deck. Checking items such as how it is attached to the home (if it’s attached at all) and whether or not proper materials were used and if they were installed properly.

Radon Inspections: Radon is an odorless and colorless gas that exist in some Eastern Oklahoma counties. It’s the second leading cause of lung cancer. This inspection consist of putting test canisters at the home and returning in a few days to retrieve them and then sending them off to the lab. You will be notified when the results come back, usually within 48 hours. (after the lab gets the canisters)

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  1. Hello,
    We recently moved into a new construction home on Lake Hudson. We are finding several issues in our home that we would like to get a quote on the prices for inspections. Mainly in our attic. PVC is plumbed which is leaking ruining our ceiling. We are the first owners of this house, and it’s only been occupied since June. Please give me a quote on an inspection of the attic please?

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