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Skiatook Home InspectionsIf you’re in the market to buy a new or existing home in Skiatook OK, then please consider your home inspection company before you sign your John Hancock! Unfortunately for a lot of home buyers, they leave the choosing of the home inspection company up to their agents or haphazardly call around looking for the cheapest home inspector company they can find. A wise man once said “A cheap home inspection could be the most expensive thing you ever buy.” This is true in this day and age as well!

No matter what type of home you are considering, whether it’s a new home, custom home you’re having built or an existing home, 1A Home Inspections has your back. There’s a reason we’re considered the most Trusted home inspection company in the area. I perform home inspections in Skiatook as well as in nearby areas such as Collinsville, Tulsa and Sand Springs.

Why Choose Us As Your Skiatook Home Inspector Company?

  1. I’m thorough. I believe I’m the most thorough inspector in the area. I see a lot of other inspection reports written by other inspectors from other companies. Some are pretty good. Others…not so much.
  2. I’m Licensed, Insured and CERTIFIED! I am state licensed and insured. I am a Certified Professional Inspector through InterNACHI. The leading home inspector organization in the U.S.
  3. I Write the Best Reports: I believe my written reports are the best around. They are computer generated and include narratives as well as detailed photos. I take the time to write my reports in plain English so everyone can understand what we found and what actions need to be taken. While my Inspection Report style is often copied, none can match them!
  4. I have the Experience: I started inspecting homes back in 2000. Since then, I have performed inspections on residential homes, commercial properties including retail malls and apartments, specialty inspections and much more. Major companies have hired me to inspect the installation of their products to make sure they complied with their specifications and standards. Major U.S. banks and lenders have hired me to perform draw inspections on the properties they are lending money on. You don’t earn this kind of trust over night!

Yes, I Inspect New Homes in Skiatook!

I get asked this frequently. From what I’m hearing from our Clients and those calling into the office, consumers have a lot of people out there telling them they don’t need to have their new homes in Skiatook inspected. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Just take a look at our construction defect photos for an example of what we find in newly constructed homes. Most of these have been inspected by City or County inspectors prior to us showing up.

I am a former IRC Building Code Inspector. I know how a home is suppose to go together and many of the short cuts contractors like to take when they think no one is watching!

Regardless of the type of home you’re buying in Skiatook, give me a call. I can help ease the stress and frustration of buying a home. My home inspections will help give you peace of mind on your next home purchase!


I'm a professional home inspector who serves Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Coweta and all of Green Country in Oklahoma.

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