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Tulsa is a great place to live. We have lived near several major metropolitan areas and we can honestly say Tulsa is our favorite. We can’t think of many other places we would rather be doing home inspections and inspecting commercial property. When we’re called out to do Tulsa home inspections, we never know what we’re in for. That’s one aspect of this job we love, it changes every day!

Not all home inspectors in Tulsa Oklahoma have the same credentials!

If you’re in the market to buy Tulsa real estate, you’re going to need a home inspector. Picking the right one is an important decision and one that shouldn’t be left to anyone except you. And this means your agent as well. Hiring the wrong home inspector can cost you thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands!

We have inspected homes, apartments, office buildings and other commercial properties. We are state licensed as well!

Our customer service is second to none. We write detailed home inspection reports. I write them in a way that is easy to understand so you know what problems are serious and which ones are not so serious. We use PLAIN English in writing my reports, not Inspector or construction jargon to confuse you.

Yes, New Homes In Tulsa Need Inspected by an Independent Home Inspector!

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If you’ve read much of this site, you know we are big on hiring your own inspector if you’re building a new home. This is especially true if you’re building a new home in Tulsa Oklahoma or the surrounding area.


Because like all other places, contractors and sub contractors are in a hurry to get the home built and move on to the next one. Because the municipal inspectors are not responsible for a defective buildings they pass. There is no recourse for missing major defects. So they hurry and move on as well.

You’re only recourse is to find a home inspector in Tulsa or the surrounding area that has many years fighting for consumers. That would be me! When you hire me, you’re hiring someone who has YOUR best interest at stake!

I spent many years as International Residential Code Certified Structural, Mechanical and Plumbing inspector. I know new home construction!

If you live the suburbs of Broken Arrow , Owasso, Jenks, Bixby as well as most of Green Country, I can still help you with your new home inspections.

What About Lofts, Condo and Townhome Inspections in Tulsa Oklahoma?

The problem many home buyers run into when buying a Loft, Condo, Historic home or other non-traditional housing is that it can be difficult to find a home inspector with experience in these types of buildings. Just not any home inspector is qualified to inspect the systems and building components of these homes. I’ve inspected a lot of world class Lofts, Condo’s and Historic homes in Houston Tx and Tulsa. I can tell you they are totally different than the systems you run across in the average suburban home!

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Make sure you hire the right home inspector. Tulsa home inspections can be challenging even on the most normal type of home, but when you start throwing in commercial style equipment and systems in a loft or condominium, it’s over the heads of most inspectors.

Do you Offer Mold & Radon Testing In Tulsa or Northeast Oklahoma?

Yes I do. I am a IAC2 Certified Mold & Radon Inspector. I offer the same thorough inspection for Mold as I do for pre-purchase home inspections.

I do not simply come out to your home and take a few samples, collect a check and then leave as some other ‘environmental inspection’ companies do. When I perform a Mold inspection, it starts with an in-depth investigation of your home. If there is a moisture intrusion problem causing mold in your home, I want to find it! Afterwards, I will then determine what type of samples to take and send them off to a certified lab to be analyzed for Mold.


I'm a professional home inspector who serves Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Coweta and all of Green Country in Oklahoma.

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