home inspector Broken ArrowI was raised right here in Green Country, just like most of you. And like some of you, I felt the urge to get out and explore the world around me. I’ve lived in Arkansas and Texas besides here in Oklahoma.

I originally went into home inspections when I lived in Houston Texas. The year was 1999. One of the most popular questions I get asked is

“How did you get into the Home Inspection business?”

Well, I had recently been married and my wife and I were buying our first home together. I had absolutely no clue at that time how the process was suppose to go.

We had a friend who’s uncle was a real estate agent. So we contacted him and he started show us homes. He was the sweetest old man you’d ever want to meet. Looked like everyone’s grandpa.

Our thinking was, all real estate agents are alike, aren’t they? So we might as well choose Grandpa here to be our agent.

Well it took a few months and many homes, but we finally found a little place with some land like we wanted.

Grandpa our Agent told us about all the inspections we would have to have, starting with the home inspection.

Our agent said the inspection would cost about $300. He also told us he knew of a very good Inspector, so we believed him! Why would we doubt our Agent?

So we ponied up the money. I asked “Do we need to be at the inspection?” Our agents said “No, I’ll go, just give me the check to give to the Inspector.” So that’s what we did. We thought this was the way it was suppose to be done!

Our agent also knew a ‘good termite inspector’, so we paid for that as well. (seemed like every time we turned around, we were paying for something!)

After the inspection, our agent called and said “All is well with your home, you’re ready to move on to the closing.” GREAT! That is what we’d been hoping!

So we moved in and proceeded to live the All American life we had dreamed about!

Then the Problems Started!

But after about a month or so, there were little things going wrong with the home. From day one, the home wasn’t completely level (it had a crawlspace). But we were told that was normal. Other little things popped up and I thought to myself “I wish we’d had known about this before we bought the home.” But I figured it was normal and fixed those things myself.

Then we started having BIG problems! The A/C never really cooled our home. We learned we needed major repairs to the system or have it replaced.

The water lines from the meter to the home started springing leaks. The pipe they had used was improper and not designed to be used like that.

But one of the biggest issues was that for no reason at all, we started having water leaks in our water lines! The leaks ruined floors and other items. They were a bear to fix!

Eventually I discovered that we had Polybutylene plumbing lines! These have a history of leaking due to defective connections. It should have been a huge red flag, but we were never warned about it from our Agent or our Inspector (whom we never met…because we were told we didn’t need to be at the inspection!)

Then I found active termites in one of our out buildings. It was clear they had been there a while. I wondered to myself, “Why didn’t the termite Inspector tell our Agent about this?

Finally, I decided to find our Home Inspection Report. We had never seen it. It was buried in our closing papers. When I finally found it, I was shocked!

The Inspector had barely mentioned the PB plumbing lines in his report. It was a very basic report. It was only about 7 pages long and he had used some type of short hand because very few of the sentences made sense to me! Plus there were absolutely no pictures in the report! I also wondered why our Agent had never told us or shown us the Inspection report!

It was also the then that I found the termite report! The termite Inspector had never inspected the outbuildings!

Who had Our Best Interest in the Home Buying Process?

It was about that time I had an epiphany. Pretty much everyone in the transaction of our home had been pushing us to close. No one was on our side. NO ONE! Even our Agent, who was suppose to have had our best interest at stake had sold us out!

We didn’t find out until we were setting at the closing table that one of our barns was 9 feet over on the neighbors land! We had never been shown the survey and apparently, our Agent figured we didn’t need to see this either! We were sitting around the closing table and the person from the title company is showing us the survey and the barn encroaching over on the neighbors. Everyone is looking at us, waiting to see what we were going to do. Talk about being pressured! What were we suppose to do? This was our ‘dream home’ and we wanted it. I figured we could deal with the neighbors about the barn so we went ahead and reluctantly closed.

It was shortly after the issues with the plumbing and the termites that I started looking into the requirements to become a home inspector. I told my wife “I can do better!”

I Just Wanted to Make a Positive Difference in People’s Lives!

So I started taking classes to become a home inspector. One thing that quickly amazed me is how all my instructors laid out how we should deal with Clients.

“Don’t tell them this, you’ll get them upset.”

“The last thing you want to do is show the home in a negative light. The Agents don’t like that.”

“Agents control your business so make sure you treat them well.”

I was kinda taken back. I had thought that a home inspectors first duty was to protect his or her Client? When I asked this one day in the classroom, the instructor laughed and said “You go into this business with that attitude, and you’ll never make it. You’ll be labeled a deal killer and no Agent will ever use you.” I was shocked at what I was hearing.

I vowed once I got my license, that I WOULD NOT BE ONE OF THOSE TYPES OF HOME INSPECTORS!

I knew I might fail at this business if I decided to stand up for the Clients and refuse to be controlled by real estate Agents, but I knew I would never sell myself or my business out!

From day one, it has been my mission to provide the very best service I can to my Clients. If the home has major issues, I make sure my Clients know it! If an Agent or Builder gets upset, so be it. (and believe me, there have been a bunch of them that have blown their top over my Inspection reports!)

I am the Client’s advocate. Many times, I’m the only one in the transaction process that has your best interest at stake! I could not care less if you close on the home or not. I get paid either way. My goal is for you to know the real condition of the home before you buy it! Plain and simple!

Coming Full Circle

Eventually I grew my home inspection company in Houston into a multi inspector firm before selling it and moving back home to Oklahoma. Now I’m still doing what I love. The only difference is that I’m doing it where I was raised and around my family and friends!

I bring the experience of being in the inspection and home repair industry for over 17 years. And having been that homeowner at one time who was taken advantage of because I didn’t do my research and trusted others to have my back.

I’ve inspected thousands of homes in the last 17 years. Everything from pre-pour foundation inspections to homes that were over 100 years old. Not to mention the countless Commercial Inspections I’ve done on properties such as Doctors Offices, Restaurants, Strip Malls, Warehouses, Convenience Stores, etc.

So if you want an impartial, thorough and unbiased home inspector who will tell you the real condition of the home you’re buying, give me a call. I’d be more than happy to serve you!

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